The Daisy Project Board of Directors

Helping to enrich the lives of special needs families

Kristi Schons


My son, Zander, has cerebal palsy. He is cognitively and physically impaired, but the most loving and happiest person you will ever meet. His smile can light up a room. I am passionate about The Daisy Project – MI and it’s mission. Every person, no matter their ailities, should be able to enjoy life at its fullest. Please help us to make the world a more accessable and inclusive place!

Maggie Woloszyk

Vice President

I am a stay at home mom to Taylor and Kylie. Kylie has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair 100% for seating and mobility. I jumped at the chance to be a part of The Daisy Project – MI solely to benefit my daughter and her friends. Since then my mind has expanded to include each and every differently-abled child and adult. Bringing awareness and accessibility everywhere!

Maureen Kijek


I am the lucky Mom to an incredible kid who teaches me how to live not just exist. He inspires me and reminds me daily how to see the good things the fun things, the silly things and the things most people overlook in life. It became my passion to make life accessible for Drew and his friends and everyone like them. Their bodies may be limited, but their spirits soar. The Daisy Project – MI is an amazing organization founded by Moms, Aunts, and Friends of our kids. We are all like-minded and devoted to making the world a better place in any way we can. Together, we CAN change the world.

Shannon Schons


I became a founding member of The Daisy Project Michigan from being inspired by my nephew, Zander. Zander has an absolutely amazing spirit that is infectious. There are many things that most fully abled people take for granted every day. Being involved in Zander’s life, I have seen firsthand how inaccessible our world is. Zander, Drew, and Kylie are our shining beacons of light that inspire us to make a difference for everyone that has special needs. I am very passionate about raising awareness so that our world becomes more accessible for everyone.

Michelle Bradley

Medical Counsel

My passion for the Daisy Project originted with my fabulous nephew, Zander. This grew to include his friends Kylie and Drew.  Simply- I want the world to be as accessible/fun for all people of all abilities and talents.  I encourage you to support our mission for these 3 cuties and everyone interested in having fun!

Dana Bramble

Legal Counsel

As an attorney, I have a professional responsibility to give back to the community.  Little did I know that being a member of the Daisy Project would change my world in such a positive and impactful way.  Zander, Drew, and Kylie have touched my heart and opened my eyes to the daily challenges those with special needs face.  I am blessed to be to working with these incredible, driven, intelligent women who are hell bent on making the world more accessible and a better place.